Demetrye Isoldi is a survivor of heart-wrenching childhood trauma and abuse. His mother tried to abort him with a wire hanger. His father tried to suffocate him when he was only one year old. His home life was steeped in neglect, violence, and abuse.

Eventually, his mother abandoned Demetrye with strangers to a life of abuse and struggle.

In adulthood, Demetrye reconnected with his biological family only to learn that even the worst of the pain he had lived through was better than what he could have faced if he remained with them. His mother was a whore. His father – a serial rapist. And his brother – a serial killer.

Demetrye had chosen a different path for himself. He had refused to be a victim. Instead of following in his parents’ path of abuse, violence, and destitution, Demetrye chose to use his brokenness as fuel for the rest of his life by forging his own path to success, freedom, happiness, and love.

Demetrye and his wife and co-author Elena Isoldi Medici are transformational health and life coaches. They use the power of natural food, mindset, trauma release and emotional healing to help their clients achieve freedom from severe chronic conditions.  

Elena Isoldi Medici

Elena is the youngest of fourteen children. Raised by loving and devoted parents, she knew no obstacle too big to overcome.

With the love and support of her family, she knew no emotional trauma until she met Demetrye. As their worlds collided, however, she experienced the deepest of pain and anguish.

Rather than giving up on Demetrye and their love, she chose to find a way to healing and forgiveness and use her pain as a building block for a better life.

Through her perseverance and compassion, Demetrye found his way to freedom, love, and acceptance.

Son of a Whore – their breakout book – part autobiography, part confessional, part spiritual renewal and exploration, and part a dive into the moral fabric of the Black culture –  is their homage to the resilience of the human spirit and fortitude in the face of extreme hardships and trauma. It dives headfirst into the question of how trauma creates a vicious cycle of victimhood that might be tough to break unless we find a way to use the trauma we endured as a building block toward our greatness and creating the lives we deserve.

Demetrye and Elena Isoldi Medici delight in raising their wonderful daughter, Isabella, along with their rambunctious cavapoo, Milo in the State of Texas.


Demetrye and Elena are passionate about healing humanity to eradicate pain,  trauma, poverty, and struggle. And usher humanity into an era of healing, peace, and prosperity. 

While theirs is not a goal that can be accomplished in one lifetime, they are certain that in partnership with other thought leaders, authors, influencers, and media outlets, they can make their contribution to this goal.

If you would like to partner with them and are looking to impact the world, these are the topics they would be happy to cover in a featured interview (print, podcast, video, TV, etc.):

  • Healing trauma
  • Surviving infidelity
  • Emotional and physical health
  • Inspiration
  • Relationships
  • Childhood abuse – emotional, physical and sexual
  • Mindset
  • Business
  • Romance
  • Overcoming hardships
  • Violence in the Black community 
  • Healing the Black community and the global collective
  • How to parent as a survivor of childhood abuse
  • Parenting

Demetrye and Elena would be happy to provide you with turn-key interviews, at your request. 


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